Week 17 CSA News

Week 17? Only one week left? Huh, that did the fast slide-by, didn’t it?

yup. Well We made it past the threat of freezing night tempuratures intact, with the closest call coming on Friday night, with a low of 33.5 in the field.

But now the foreseeable forecast is warmer than average and frost free! Quite the change from last year, which saw us having had three killing frosts already by this time. So we dodged the frost and didn’t even fire up the wood stove once – just closed all the windows for a couple of nights.

This week we saw a porcupine by the driveway and I came down with poison ivy all over the place and the deer are moving around a lot and the striped ground squirrels are munching on the crops. Digging up artifacts with Otis and the metal detector, I got poison ivy oil on my hands and therefore all over myself. We looked into the logistics of getting power and got rather less motivated when it proved to be less simple than we’d imagined. Still think it would be nifty, but no longer feeling the excited hurry – so it will churn a bit in the rumination phase while we ponder the options and poke at the logistics.

Speaking of logistics … wait, the CSA party is only a week and a half away!? Ack. I still felt like we had a few weeks til then somehow … It really does seem bizarre that next week is the final box. The growing season is like all the segments of our lives I guess, from the whole dang thing on down – it takes forever to go by, in no time at all.

It makes me want to savor the moments more, let them go by unnoticed less. And I guess that’s a good time to segue into The Box, since mindful eating is a time-tested way of slowing life’s passing down, and being glad to be present. Here’s what we have to work with this week:

Inside Box 17

There are no tomatoes in this box.

  • Potatoes – Yukon Gold, Norland Reds, and/or Russets
  • Butternut Squash – it was a rough year for the squash – we didn’t get many, and those we did get are often on the small side. Well, as always, there is a bright side (less to worry about storing and keeping from freezing and rodents etc) as well as the reminder that what will be will be – and that having such a diversified field means that although some things might not grow great others will!
  • Leeks – the first use that comes to mind is potato leek soup, but look at this enticing recipe. Or, consider a gratin, a frittata, or a pasta dish. The green tops are edible but  get tougher the further up the stalk you go.
  • Brussels Sprouts
  • Sage – pairs well with winter squash and meat.  This recipe has gotta be good. Or try a salvia fritta (Italian fried sage) recipe. It also dries well.
  • Fennel – Try it fresh in a shaved fennel salad, or roast or saute it.
  • Peppers – work well roasted or sauteed with fennel or in something like this.
  • Lettuce – how are you liking the head lettuce this year? It stores better than the mix for sure.
  • Garlic – gifted from our farmers’ market neighbors, All Weather Farm
  • Sunflower Micro Greens – they were a bit undersized for harvest but the timing is tricky, as the lengths of daytime and overnight lows change.

what will be will be