Farm-Made Preserves

We craft our preserves from fruits and vegetables that we’ve grown and foraged, using traditional canning alchemy to transform fresh, seasonal abundances into forms that can be enjoyed far away, and far later.


  • Dilly Beans ~ everything you love about regular pickles, in bean form
    Garden Pickles ~ colorful medley of our carrots, cauliflower, bell peppers, & onions
  • Pickled Beets ~ a beloved recipe from Gabe’s family, ideal for a holiday party’s relish tray
  • Pickled Cabbage & Peppers  ~ ideal on a grilled bratwurst or as a side for pork
  • Pickled Okra ~ the perfect complement to a bloody Mary

Salsas, Sauces, & Relishes

  • Eggplant Tomato Relish ~great sandwich spread or with cheese and crackers.
  • Pepper Relish ~ add spicy flavor to hamburgers, hotdogs, breakfast burritos, or pizza
  • Singapore Chili Sauce ~ sweet & spicy for stir-fries, eggrolls, potstickers, noodles, and wontons
  • Smoky Salsa Verde ~ an instant upgrade for tacos, tortilla chips, and eggs
  • Tomato Pepper Sauce ~ flavorful and mild, great on eggs and tacos

Azela & Gabe harvesting plums

Fruit Preserves, Jams, & Jellies

  • Apple Butter ~apples slow-simmered with cinnamon, spices, and brown sugar
  • Apple Pie in a Jar ~ top your oatmeal, pancakes, or ice cream with classic apple pie filling
  • Brandied Apples ~drunken apples add sweet booziness to ice cream or yogurt
  • Caramel Apple Jam ~.caramelized sugar and tart apples combine deliciously
  • Fire Jelly & Inferno Jelly quite spicy, ideal for serving with cream cheese, on crackers
  • Grape Jelly ~ tart and sweet, made from Frontenac wine grapes
  • Ground Cherry Jam ~golden goodness with a mellow vanilla flavor
  • Plum Jam ~  An uncommon & flavorful spread made from Mount Royal plums
  • Plums in Syrup ~ excellent on ice cream and angel food cake
  • Wild Chokecherry Jelly ~ wild-foraged chokecherries from the Sterling Sand Barrens
  • Wonderberry Jam ~ incredibly vibrant color and uniquely tasty flavor




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