kicking things off

OK, I’ve been putting off this blog for too long, waiting for a chance to make everything perfect & complete before beginning on anything … needless to say, websites, like farms, don’t ever get off the ground if you don’t just jump in and get working on one piece of it.


Today is December 13th.

I have been unemployed for about a month.

(I put my 2-week notice in at work on Halloween, in full Quetzlcoatlian Shaman garb)


Kristin and I got married about two weeks ago.


Two weeks from now, on New Year’s Day, we will load our two dogs into the van and drive away from Minneapolis and life as we’ve known it.


First: a two month long “working honeymoon,” working on three different WWOOF farms ( – meeting new people, learning new things, working for room and board, and avoiding the coldest months of the year.

(The farm is not yet really set up for a remotely pleasant over-wintering experience – we hope to remedy this before next year’s cold.)

Then we’ll come back north and move in at the Farm.

No utilities, no permanent structures – just the ’53 travel trailer, a couple of sheds and storage structures, an outhouse, a little field, and 17 acres of woodland.


It’s going to be an awesome adventure.


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