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Tuesday, February 11th
Green Flamingo Organics
Oak Hill, FL

Sorry that the details are being lost a bit … I’m now writing these posts 10 days later, and memory of what happened when has become dim. This is largely because we don’t have any internet connection on the farm, but also because we’re very busy.

Unlike the previous two farms we stayed at, Green Flamingo is in full swing, and we work solidly, moving from one task to the next,  from 7:30 in the morning through the afternoon most days – and sometimes more.  There are seeds to plant, seedlings to move into larger containers, baby plants to move into the field, weeds to weed, vegetables and greens to harvest and process and package, and all kinds of random tasks that must be accomplished. Liz, the farmer, is incredibly motivated and comes to work every morning with a long list of tasks to get done.

So, we’re really busy, and the days tend to blend together a bit …

Anyway, on Tuesday, we woke up and got the day’s work done.

P1090164 P1090166 P1090170

Afterward,  went out with the dogs and the longboards in the late afternoon, finding a nearby business with a looping parking lot and no one around. The dogs chased us around and around, Cleo showing incredible energy for a big ol’ dog that will be turning 14 this summer.

P1090174 P1090181 P1090187 P1090192 P1090193 P1090195 P1090200 P1090208 P1090210 P1090212

Once the dogs were exhausted and we’d had enough wiggling for the day (the way we ride, “distance pumping,” involves carving rapidly back and forth to generate forward momentum without needing to put a foot to the ground to push), we headed back to the farm to enjoy some fresh oranges.

P1090219 P1090221


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