Box 2: A Week of Weeding

Although we still did plenty of transplanting and mulching this week, as well as pruning and beetle squishing, the main thrust of our labors have been the pulling, hoeing, whacking, and torching of weeds. It’s been ridiculously dry here, but our local weeds are a hardy lot; they don’t much mind the lack of rain. Fortunately, we’ve invested in a new inverter generator – it can run our drip irrigation for hours, using barely any gas and at a volume not much louder than a conversation.

greenhouse nearly emptied of seedlings

This has also made it possible to add a modern-style washing machine to our new “laundromat” – a free ice fishing shack we’ve turned into our dedicated laundry room. (Thanks CSA Members Dave & Marcia for the ice fishing shack – and thanks CSA Members Willy & Linda for the washing machine!) We still have our old wringer washer as well, but now our WWOOFers can skip the learning curve on that and use something a little less intimidating and hands-on. Still using our clothes lines as our dryer though!

And hey, while we’re talking about upgrades and gratitude, this week we we also used a dog kennel that Willy & Linda donated – to build a new tall fence around the processing area, so our chickens can continue to range freely … but no longer try to hang around where we wash and pack vegetables!

Speaking of which …

in Box 2

  • Salad Mix (Red & Green lettuce, Arugula, Beet Greens, Mizuna) – the Salad Days are here! This bag will make a lovely Chop Salad, or a wonderful Chomp Salad if you like big greens like we do. Or make little lettuce wraps with the larger leaves? Hmm.
  • Sugar Snap Peas – the first of the season! Just enjoy these ones raw, they’ll never be so tender again! Plenty more should be coming for stir fries and such in future weeks.
  • Pea Tips(bagged with the peas) whenever a deer gets into the field, they nearly always home in on these; the tender new growth of the sugar snap peas. They’re onto something! Liven up a salad or sandwich with a handful of these.
  • Bok Choi – would taste great with a sesame dressing like this, along with some of your green onions.
  • Radishes & Greens – shareholder Melissa shared this top-notch recipe for making pesto with radish greens; she says it’s the only way to go!
thanks for the rad(ish) recipe Shareholder Melissa!!
  • Green Onions – we find these so useful and so versatile; we plan to give you onions to use pretty much every week, so let us know if you want any ideas or recipes for them. Basically, put some into most everything!
  • Micro-Greens – a zippy blend of radish, kale, red cabbage, and amaranth. As I like to say about your farmer Kristin, “Though she be but little, she is fierce.” – like these radish microgreens!

Hope you all have a lovely week, and to see you all in person sooner than later!

Thank you!!!

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