Week 13 CSA Newsletter

Words …

Have we talked about Oak Wilt on our land? Large patches of red oaks are losing their leaves and bark, becoming sculptural sentinels. This bothered me at first. I love the oaks, and it felt like I was losing something. But the changing landscape has grown on me, both as it is and as it may become. .

And the sunlight loves the change. Patches of bright blue open skies above are mirrored below with sun dappled eager young leaves and grasses, as the formerly rather intractable shadowy buggy brambly woods reveal their curves and their intentions.

Plus, it’s making paths and openings without mechanical and human intervention … perhaps we will chose a spot on which to build? Regardless, it’s lovely to see the sunlight pour through the once-dark woods, illuminating the oaken bones and backlighting the emerald understory, bursting forth into the sudden sunlight.

what will be, being

The landscape grows and changes as do all things, and we … we are Here For It.

Inside the box

  • Sweet Peppers  – Kristin says peppers are her favorite crop today.
  • Jalapeños – if they have that “checking” on the skin, they’re extra spicy. Remove the seeds to tone them down.
  • Zucchini – you won’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone.
  • Cabbage – we didn’t get enough of the large boxes back to use them this week (ahem ahem ahem) so these beasts challenged some laws of space.
  • Onions – two of ’em
  • Carrots – more genuine babies. Agricultural Mad Scientists have discovered that you can magically stunt carrots growth through an intensive canopy of vigorous weeds. Weeding baby carrot plants is … something. They share the bag with:
  • Broccoli Side Shoots aka Baby Broccoli FER CUTE 
  • Cherry tomatoes  – a quart of em
  • Salad Turnips – just eat one like an apple; amaze your friends.
  • Tomatoes – These were very difficult to Tetris into safe nestlings within the boxes. Eat the ripest ones fist – regardless of color, you can feel a ripe tomato’s slight overall give in the skin when cupped.
  • Italian Basil – it loves tomatoes
  • Cucumbers
  • Corn – still sweet, still juicy – but less tender. I continue to relish it raw, but this is also good in dishes in which you slice it off the cob and use … like the corn chowder Kristin made last night. (sans any potatoes)
  • Pea microgreens
I love noodle bowl

2 thoughts on “Week 13 CSA Newsletter”

  1. I love noodle bowl too !
    With so many nutritious ~ delicious ~ colorful vegetables ….. thank you so much …. they are easy to create.
    The peppers in today’s box are beautiful….. but ahhhh the brilliant hues all along the garden rows are spectacular.
    Lucky me, I had that visual treat yesterday.

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