CSA Week 5: The Newsletter

It rained a few times, and I did some math to quantify how unusual this summer has felt after the three year droughtstravaganza. This May & June we had seven and a half times more rain than the same months last year ~ 13″ vs 1.75″!

I still find it hard to believe it will continue though – every time a raincloud just misses us, I think “oh here we go again,” and expect that they will ALL be missing us as they did for years. I think I have some kind of PTSD from the climate abuse …. but hope springs eternal and perhaps I can learn to accept love and rainfall once again.


the weekly field cam

This week was busy but not hectic.

We welcomed two new WWOOFers – sisters Taylor and Chloe, who took two week vacations from their jobs in Illinois to come experience the Farm. Mowed down a bunch of old crops and weeds for new plantings.

almost done scalping and mulching a patch of garden jungle

Started seeds. Repaired the leaky hose manifold to the Little Greenhouse, sought and destroyed the bandits that dug up all the cucumber seedlings in that same greenhouse, heard a fox hunting our rabbits in the night, weeded the whole carrot patch (only took an hour thanks to a new and effective pre-carrot weed control regimen and/or luck), got bitten by a squirrel that is more wild than friend, got chased by deer flies when we went to the creek, and saw the first deer prints in our field, clues in the Scooby Doo Mystery of the Missing Edamame.

In related news, we will be restarting Operation Giant Deer Fence on Thursday. Motivation thanks also to the relentless interest of the chickens.

Inside Box 5

Peas!!!! (sugar & snow) The amazing abundance of peas continues, as the plants tower above the highest trellis string we provide them, tottering but never falling over and folding under their delicious burdens. Enjoy your share!

We’ve been slicing the flat podded snow peas thin and having them with Asian themed noodle bowls and in creamy pasta dishes …


The last of our early onion planting


The incredibly versatile vegetable! –

Zucchini with Sage recipe

Golden Zucchini & Crisp Sage recipe


Some “slicing” cucumbers and some “pickling”. Both are good for fresheating, but only the smaller pickling ones are recommended for pickling. If you want to pickle cucumbers in quantity… let us know.


Good for making coleslaw or sautéing:

Creamy Coleslaw

Vinegr Coleslaw

Cabbage & Sage Pasta


I like them battered, or maybe you could have them crispy fried this way

This brown butter sage sauce also sounds good.

Radish micro greens 


hey is that Ginger Snap & the Nine?

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