plant dusters anonymous

OK, that sucked. I wrote a nice long descriptive post about the 12th and the satisfaction and joys of dusting a huge grey-furred houseplant, but WordPress and Firefox conspired and ate it all irretrievably.


And I’m already days behind posting, thanks to a very spotty and random-access satellite internet connection that tortures me when I try to upload photos.


So instead:

Sunday, January 12th
Yokna Patawpha Bottoms Farm
Oxford, Mississippi



Once upon a time, there was a very dusty plant in a sunny window.



Gabe and Kristin decided it would benefit the plant and the room and themselves to wipe off all the leaves with wet rags, and the grey furry plant became shiny and green and they all lived happily ever after, dusting some other smaller neighboring plants and weeding tons of invasive aggressive Bermuda Grass from a few raised herb beds and playing Frisbee golf and gathering dried plants and lichens for decorative purposes and buying a pair of weird thrift store shoes and naming them “Oxford Squares” because the shoes were quite square and bought in Oxford (which features a central Square, incidentally).






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