CSA Week 12 in Bullet Points

This week:


  • The sun finally came out!
  • the fall salad greens bed is looking good. Should be getting stuff out of it for y’all in a week or two
  • we cut open an accidentally harvested watermelon, not expecting it to be ripe … but despite appearances, it was. A fluke, or are they ready after all? Stay tuned!
  • The Boys laid the first course of block for the root cellar, and it looks good.

  • Kristin swore at the unknown birds eating the final wave of sweet corn corn, and (very) briefly considered one of those devices that randomly noise-cannons to startle birds. We don’t want to live with random shotgun sound effects.
  • There’s a gopher in the garden.
  • “the squash is going apeshit”

  • Azela was frightened by a the amazing mimicry of a harmless hognose snake that looked for all the world like a cobra about to strike.
  • last season’s WWOOFer Grace came to visit with her new hubby Zach and baby bump Name TBD

  • We harvested many buckets of organic delicious plums, devoured way too many plums, and preserved many plums for later.

  • attended Bartender Beth’s hop picking party, which reminded us to pick our own hops
  • And more!

The Contents of Your Box:

  • Mount Royal Plums (< that’s a link)- These were too delicious not to share. Every one tastes a little bit different, making it hard to stop eating them. For your own good, we limited your quantity. Thanks to Russ Hanson for letting us pick 30 gallons of them from his one ridiculously prolific (and never-sprayed) tree!
  • Peppers Both Hot and Sweet – Although I don’t think Kristin intended it to be, this is a test of your Newsletter Reading. … the only hot ones in the bunch are the yellow-colored Golden Cayennes. And they are quite hot indeed.

  • Kick Butt Heirloom Tomatoes

  • Shallots – It’s like an onion, but fancy! A little midler, so they’re good raw, and they have that garlic flavor too.

  • All Blue Potatoes –  I say they’re purple but whatever, they’re darn good.  
  • Cucumbers – Some of the last hurrah for the season
  • Eggplant –  Certain of your fellow members would love to hear your eggplant success stories in he comments below.
  • Tomatillos – These are good to seek out recipes for! Green enchilada sauce?
  • Purple Basil – It’s pretty and it has good basil flavor, can’t be bad.

  • Sweet Corn
  • Zucchini – can’t stop won’t stop

5 thoughts on “CSA Week 12 in Bullet Points”

  1. My eggplant has always turned out delicious when I do the following: use plenty of butter and olive oil, garlic, and tomatoes, add in any other veggies from the box, and saute well. Last week I did a variation where I sauteed garlic, onion, and sage (all that I had in my box), then added the eggplant to sponge up the goodness before adding in broccoli and a little olive oil. Cooked until soft.

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