CSA Newsletter – Week 15

First, let’s remind one another about the 10th annual fall farm party, yes? There will likely be fire, and there will be kids. We could bust our the bocce ball set, or the metal 55 gallon drums, or anything else – if you’re thinking something sounds fun, let us know. There will be music on in the background, and great fresh wood fired pizzas, and a bunch of interesting, quality humans having a good time (I hope). Bring drinks if you want. Or dessert. Or whatever you’re feeling like.

You can bring good people too. The pizza will be free-will donation, and we usually provide some drinks although bring your own if you’ve got preferences.

Then, let’s look at some photos from the week:

Now lets see what Otis has to say about the week: and try to transcribe what she says when asked for comment on the week:

no comment

Inside Box 15

  • Salad Mix – tat soi, arugula, assorted lettuce
  • Tomatoes – The tomato tsunami has not abated, quite yet. Many tomato sandwiches are in order; pro tip: microgreens make good traction control between slippery slices and mayo.
  • Cherry Tomatoes – these little devils are slowing down, and I’m not sad. Maybe I’ll regret that this winter or something but for now, I’m only glad.
  • Sweet Peppers – this might have been our best year yet for sweet peppers – I think it was likely due to the incredible drought and heatwaves. So there’s another silver lining for growing through this madness.
  • Jalepenos – the green ones; only they are spicy (the reds and yellows are all the sweets.)
  • Spaghetti Squash
  • Purple Potatoes
  • Kohlrabi – these are underrated and little known, but most of you have been on this ride for years. If you need help, we’re only an email away.
  • Radishes – French Breakfast & … other, round red Radishes maybe they’re named “Rover
  • Pea Shoot Microgreens – the afore-mentioned tomato sandwich traction control – or, I asked the AI for some ideas on different ways to use these, and it suggested this:

nevermind here’s this guy instead

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