Week 16 CSA Newsletter

I almost literally cannot believe that next week is the final week of the CSA season. I mean yeah – 17 weeks is one shorter than we used to do, but it’s not just that – one more week would barely blunt my surprise. It still feels like summer. It still feels early. I’m not ready – for the transition toward winter, for our snowbird flight, for wood stove and wood piles, snow load supports and snow blowers. We haven’t even gathered leaves yet … I guess I’m getting ahead of myself. Phew.

But yeah, Nature is really driving home the transition feels lately – the fall colors are intensely peaking (sorry we suck at taking pictures this year), and over this weekend we had a long, slow soaking – four inches worth of rain., That’s more than we had in all of July, or June & August combined. Better late than never for sure; it un-cemented the carrots and potatoes, gave soothe and succor to our elderly and baby trees – and the salad bed row found it really peaceful and safe, as you can taste.

Tomatoes by the dozens were dissected, boiled, smashed, flavored, boiled more, and sealed into airtight glass containers in a pressurized, repressed metal shell.

We just got to our destination and I gotta go and Dad.

We hope you enjoy the food: it was a beautiful week growing alongside it.


Inside Box 16

There are no cherry tomatoes in the box.

  • Wasabina Mustard Greens – if you want to eat these raw, toss with a vinegarette for improved texture. Otherwise, sautee with some onion, garlic, maybe some ginger. They’ve got zip – note thje Wasabi in the name!
  • Onions
  • Butternut Squash
  • Potato Medley -great for roasting!
  • Fennel – would go great sauteed with the peppers, perhaps served with sausage – or, you can just eat it raw!
  • Ground Cherries
  • Salad Mix – I think this is one of the most mild and tender salad mixes we’ve managed to get out of our field! Not an easy accomplishment in this soil and climate, I’m proud of the little things.
  • Tomatoes – Amazing to have such pristine abudnance this late into the season.
  • Sweet Red Peppers – another silver lining of the drought. Wow.
  • Broccoli Microgreens

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