drum circle party

Friday, January 17th
Yokna Patawpha Bottoms Farm
Oxford, MS


the saturated ground sprouts clusters of ice crystals from the mud in wintertime



P1070457 P1070440 P1070452 IMG_5963 IMG_5955

After our morning walkabout, we spent the day rearranging the furniture, cleaning, and cooking in preparation for the drum circle / concert / party – I made braised carrots, and Kristin made spinach & wild onion dip, both using veggies we harvested from the Yokna fields.

The potluck was delicious, the bands were fun, and the drum circle afterward was something else. Around 40 people cam through all told – it was a successful gathering and a fun night.


IMG_5994 IMG_5978

2014-01-17 19.41.07 2014-01-17 19.23.15 IMG_5976

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