Mule Drawn Train

Tuesday, February 4th
Chris Thrift’s
Tallahassee, FL

Chris took us out on his boat today, to a hike along an abandoned railroad track through the swampy, wild pig infested lowlands.

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For dinner, Kristin grilled up an appetizer – the oyster mushroom I’d found in the woods, with some Wax Mrytle leaves she’d picked on our hike.


P1080623 IMG_6793

Then Chris made us crab legs on the grillĀ  – and taught us the most effective ways to open up and devour each segmented bit of the giant delicious sea bugs.


IMG_6799 IMG_6800

We ate all of them up, and then made a second batch.

Food you have to work for each bite of is more satisfying somehow … as is anything drenched in melted butter.

We went to bed tired, full, happy, and new fans of crab legs.

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