Week Seven

Well, it was another storm near-miss this week, with a tornado touching down in nearby Luck (about 10 miles away). Here we had some stiff wind and a bit of rain, but didn’t feel the need to hunker down in the root cellar this time. The sun came out before the rain even ended, prompting me to declare “hey it’s rainbow weather!” and run down to the field as quickly as possible to check … and yup! A double arc over the greenhouses.

The field is coming in briskly, finally, albeit about two weeks later than usual. The corn that had been knocked over in the storm is standing tall again thanks to the efforts of our squad of summer WWOOFers, who individually staked them back up.

An extremely persistent doe that has learned how to jump our fence and dine on the smorgasbord of crops … she’d munched hundreds of sweet peas, Swiss chard plants, etc – but she really crossed a line with Farm Boss Kristin when she started methodically devouring the edamame.

We have applied for and received a agricultural damage deer hunting permit – if Evil Bambi doesn’t take the hints we are dropping in the form of mannequins, extra fence lines, screaming arm-waving sprinting WWOOFers, wire barriers, shock baits, etc, then we will soon be eating the yields of the field in the form of venison …

In the Box:

carrot washing squad

carrot washing squad
  • Carrots & Greens – the greens make great soup stock! Or you can make pesto, sautee or blanch them to make delicious greens, or try this chimichurri recipe perhaps.
  • Cucumbers
  • Zucchini – we have been doing everything with zukes this week; zoodles, fritters, bread, pancakes, galette filling, and slicing and browning them in butter! (tried making zuke chips too but took them out of the solar dehydrator too soon … )

Here are some other ideas you might enjoy:


  • Beans – three kinds of magic beans with which giants’ kingdoms may be accessed, or just eat the things let’s be real
  • Cabbage or Okra – two lucky boxes got okra, the rest of ya’ll get the first cabbages of the season.
  • Broccoli – various kinds of this tasty edible flower
  • KaleRed Russian & Curly Blue varieties
  • BasilMammoth Italian

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