Week 17 – the box before last

This week, the threat of Winter became much more real. Yeah, it’s gorgeous out today. But we just came out of a stretch of drear that put our spirits and our batteries to the test, and the forecast is relentless in predicting a stretch of days with temps that will peak in the 30’s. Even ignoring the weatherman, the signs are unavoidable and all around us.

so excited to see the sun appear just before sunset on Saturday that we all went out to look at it, bask in it, take photos like tourists from underground

The mice are invading all the shelters, seeking safe nesting grounds and caches of food.

The deer are back, with one daring fawn learning how to jump the fence, eager to teach its friends … but we know it’s almost done now, and it’s hard to begrudge them their snacking.

The maples have changed into their red and yellow autumn finery; a pleasant counter balance to the foreshadowings of gray, the hints of ice, and the promise of white.

the weekly harvest panorama

This week we started preparing for the End of the Year party – lots of organizing, mowing, and throwing things away. If we didn’t have this party every year, the place would never look so nice … it’s good to have a reason to pick everything up, or we’d likely never get to the many little messes.

Speaking of the party – it’s looking like it will be more of a Welcome Winter than a Goodbye Summer kind of thing. We are going to gather extra firewood for the bonfire and plan to enjoy whatever nature wants to give us, bolstered by the warmth of tall flames, layered clothing, and good companions.

Looks like the high temp might not get above 40, and it might even snow. Well que sera, sera … let’s surf this absurdity! I think bocce ball in a light snow would be delightful – and the hayride Grandpa Jim will give with his beautiful old tractor will seem like a sleigh ride, with a warm cup of hot apple cider for everyone.

In the Box

Salad Mix – Red & Green lettuce, red & green mizuna, arugula, tatsoi


Fingerling Potatoes (Mr. Deals variety) – this spring, we found boxes of these, discarded behind the “Mr. Deals” discount grocery store in Osceola. Although the individual potatoes were past prime for eating, we knew they’d make fine seed potatoes for a new generation – so we planted them, and here they are!


Sweet Peppers – a medley of sweet peppers, plus a maybe-sorta-spicy type called “Mad Hatters – the ones that look like Slimer, or an octopus ot something.

Squash (Buttercup or Jester)

the squash harvesters harvesting squash

Cauliflower or Broccoli – only 15 heads were ready for harvest today, so some of you are getting consolation broccoli side shoots instead. We know who you are though, and next week you’ll get cauliflower too.


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  1. So cool! A stick bug! As a kid I remember finding them while crawling under Wild bushes and weeds, exploring the woods surrounding our house. I have not found many in my life, so way to go!

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