Box 4: Smiling rain gods

All week I thought I was going to be writing a newsletter about the drought. I was ready with all kinds of facts and metaphors to frame the impact the lack of rain was having on us here. But finally, after an endless purgatory of teasing rainclouds, browning grasses, and dusty ground, the rain gods smiled upon us!

And not just any rain – I’d say it was a perfect one-two precipitation punch. On Sunday, just over an inch fell to deeply wet the parched soil. On Monday morning we sprang into action! We’d been waiting for weeks to cover the bare ground among the rows – but needed some real rain first, so there would be some moisture to conserve. So we tore apart the remaining bales of spoiled hay and laid down a thick barrier wherever the soil was bare – this not only helps avoid dry ground and erosion, but also smothers weeds and, when it eventually breaks down, adds precious organic matter to the soil for future years.

Overnight, we had a pleasant surprise deluge – a second round of soaking rain, over an inch again! It was done before we woke up to harvest, having done its magical work of soaking the new hay layer completely. (And it was just right – not too little, but also not too much; just southeast of us, our friends were being swamped and washed out by over 8 inches of rain during the same two storms!)

The delay waiting for the rain to come was nerve-wracking at times , but really, it turned out to be wonderful. The remarkably dry conditions stunted weed growth, while the plants – aided by weeding and drip irrigation – got well established. The field looked downright joyful this morning, and so did Farmer Kristin.

Inside Box 4

  • Micro-Greenseither red cabbage, cilantro, or curly blue kale – if you are able to return the boxes, we’d be happy to wash and reuse them!
  • Spring Onion Transitioning into Summer Onions
  • Radish Pods – zippy, crunchy, and unusual! We planted a specific type of radish just to let it go to seed, producing these for you in abundance. Here are some good ideas if you’re wondering.
  • Butter Crunch Lettuce Heads
WWOOFer Charley packing lettuce
  • Kohlrabi – two large or three small per box! We made some into slaw yesterday, using our Julienne Slicer (or, a grater would work … great)
  • Rainbow Swiss Chard – best when cooked, the gorgeous stems are the main event!
Squad! Marty, Brandon & Keegan

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