Week 13: No Wild Grapes

Another week of beauty, seven nights with the whippoorwills back from wherever they’ve been and the cricketsong and the rustling commotions of the flying squirrels, seven days of morphing clouds or sunshine and blue skies.

at least 12 feet tall

We did a bunch more preservation and canning of the seasonal abundances du jour – wood-smoking tomatoes, tomatilloes, and peppers for salsas, crafting and sealing away jars of sauces, and using the sun to dehydrate the massive Hen of the Woods mushroom gifted to us by Neighbor Marcia.

Hens of the Woods & Neighbor Marcias are known to be found in proximity to big white oaks

We foraged fruitlessly for wild grapes – they are apparently taking a year off, after busting it out so hard last year. (Works out well anyway since we still have a backlog of blackberries and dewberries to transmute.)

The corn stalks dried up, flocks of geese headed south, bear hunters roved the barrens behind their baying dog packs, and no one went swimming in the river. The humidity followed the geese south and good riddance to it. We slept well and spent as much time as possible outside.

Inside Box 13

garlic chives
  • Carrots – an assortment of orange and purples. I still haven’t caught the gopher, despite my repeated efforts, but carrots still exist.
  • either Okra or Tomatilloes – depending on your dharma. We like pan-searing the okra pods (whole, unbroken). For tomatillos, there are soup recipes worth exploring (we mostly make ours into salsa).
tomatilloes being washed for salsa
  • ripe Sweet Peppers
  • Cucumbers
  • Spaghetti Squash – prepare it like winter squash; carve in half, scoop out the seeds, bake cut side-down until soft – use a fork to pull apart the strands into pseudo-spaghetti. Would be good with butter, garlic, and fresh basil … hey we have basil and garlic chives in this box!
Marty harvesting soaghetti squash for the CSA boxes
  • Zucchini
  • Tomatoes
Torch Tomatoes – would be good in the sauce recipe we linked to last week
  • Cherry Tomatoes – 2020’s can’t stop won’t stop crop
  • Onions
Saint Croix Falls farmer’s market

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