CSA Week 14 Newsletter

Well, here we are. And, you’re there. I’m glad we’ve established this, if sorry for wasting your time. Not enough to delete that though, apparently, nor enough to stop this nonsense immediately.

But. It’s September. The color changes have started. It’s dark when the alarm goes off to harvest for the farmer’s market, it’s chilly and dewy and dim in the mornings. The tomato plants have begun their annual dying dance with farewell fungi. The pumpkins are emerging, the hens’ egg laying slowing, the weeds seeding.

There was a mouse that scurried, and a coyote that howled. The abundant beautiful tomatoes of summer were smoked, and frozen, and canned in myriad ways. The coming baby is evident. Thoughts about firewood, window plastic, and enclosing a shower have been thunk.

Yes, summer is in the past. But the chills of Coming Autumn are not foreboding, as are those of Coming Winter. These are invigorating, an energy all its own, as the leaves all breathe deeply, basking in the timeless sunshine of their passing summer moment.

The dance of Shiva e

And, we picked a date for the Harvest Party! It’ll be Sunday, October 10th; if you have a calendar and mark things in it, this might be a good candidate.

Or remember it as a good review: 10/10, would recommend.

Inside Box 14

  • Beets – the greens are the same as chard; nutritious and great sauteed or perhaps in a quiche or some creamed greens.
  • Bok Choi
  • Sweet Peppers – the poblanos (see pic above) might have a little heat if you don’t take our their seeds.
  • Hot Peppers (Jalepeno & Andes Rainbow) – bagged separately so you don’t have to play Hot or Not with your face at risk.
  • Lettuce (red or green) – BLTs?
red lettuce
  • Zucchini – if you don’t know me by now, you will never ever never ever know me ooooo oooo-ooo ooo
  • Tomatoes – they’re starting to slow down now, although that won’t show until next week for y’all. This had to have been our best tomato year ever, in both quality and quantity.
  • Italian Basil – add it to some tomato sauce or something.
  • Tomatillos – yes, salsa verde is great but you could try one of the recipes here, too. (PS that is a good site to search for quality recipes on)

One thought on “CSA Week 14 Newsletter”

  1. Ever so gentle – the dragonfly really trusted you. Loved the kids bandaid – maturity is so over rated.
    I will certainly try salsa verde – – and other delights.
    I adore this time of year…… your note reminded me of the magical cycle of enjoying the beautiful bounty.
    SEED- LEAF – FRUIT – SEED, this year, and the next, and the next.
    Thank you Que Sehra

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