ditch dig

Wednesday, January 15th
Yokna Patawpha Bottoms Farm
Oxford, Mississippi

Remember how when we were planting peas the other day, we were standing in the mud puddle trenches between the raised bed  rows? Today we worked to remedy that situation – or at least prevent it from being much worse when more rain comes. We were tasked with creating drainage for that wet corner of the field, by digging a trench along the edge of the field, and from there, one crossing over and down into the little pond in the woods.  We used the dirt we dug up to fill in a few deep puddley mud holes in the fieldside “road” and in the field trenches in that corner.



With four of us working on it, it got done pretty quickly.



Kristin made pasta sauce with some of Doug’s freshly picked garden herbs for lunch, arranged some dried native plant displays.


Betsy came by the farmhouse in the afternoon, and we did some more work on their Facebook and blog websites – testing some targeted paid ads for their CSA signup, and cleaning up some pages of their website.

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