Waking up Mississippi

Saturday, January 4th
Yokna Patwapha Farm
Oxford, Mississippi

It was dreamlike to wake to a warm green world  after the -11 arctic landscape we’d risen to just one day earlier. While the weather we were experiencing was frigid by Mississippian standards, we knew we’d dodged a far chillier bullet by coming South, and this added at least 10 subjective degrees to the actual temps …

View out the front door, greeted by Whatdog & one of the cats
Kristin with Missi the semi-domesticated doggie
Kristin with Missi the semi-domesticated doggie
Missi eats cat poop & dead rodents & she wants a kiss

To prepare for the coming arctic air mass, we helped Doug split a bunch of red oak logs they’d used throughout the year as drum circle seating, reducing them into small chunks for the fireplace. We were accustomed to the Monster Maul on the home farm, so it took us a bit to get used to the hammer/splitter combo and the light, sharp splitting axe – but we got better as the hefty log rounds become firewood stacked in the pickup bed.

IMG_5616c IMG_5611 IMG_5580 IMG_5588c

It was a good day – everyone we encountered was genuine, positive, and friendly. We met Jeff, the farm manager, and Nathan, who was on the tail end of a year-long WWOOFing stay on Yokna Bottoms farm, Ben the student of permaculture, and Mike, who was on the verge of biking to a village in South America.

Yokna Bottoms fields


Cleo checking out the Yokna chicken coop

And, we ate tacos in town. Mmmm. tacos.

The journey continues to be wonderful!

– Gabe

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