the 2019 CSA Draws Nigh

The first box delivery is a month and a half away!(?(!))

With our short growing season, our main work throughout April was of course planting in the greenhouses – we start seedlings in small blocks of soil, which are later either transplanted directly into the ground, or into somewhat larger blocks of soil, which are later transplanted into the ground.

trying mini soil blocks this year to reduce the germination space bottleneck (limited shelf space by the woodstove in our home)

The sunlight keeps the greenhouse toasty during the daytime, and before the freezing nights, we fire up our rocket mass heater for 30 minutes to an hour. This charges up the huge clay bench that runs the length of the greenhouse with heat that is slowly and inexorably released over several hours, warming the trays of seedlings – from beneath, which keeps their forming roots especially happy.

two tiers of seedlings about to get tucked in for the night

We also planted green garlic, onions, our salad mix components, and snow & sugar snap peas in the field, wilted the rising army of early weeds with a propane torch, and set up the electric deer fence for the season – it’s not tall, but the 3-D structure is designed to confuse deer with their poor depth perception, making them hesitant to try to jump it.

fence posts for the deer fence going up
fence posts for the deer fence going up

We had a WWOOFer come help for a few days, but for the most part it’s just been us, settling into the land and the rhythms of Spring, which seem increasingly familiar now, on our 5th year living here. Productivity is of course lessened by our happily-mobile 1 year-old, but we’re figuring out how to best work and play with him full time – for many tasks, Kristin works solo, enjoying solitude and podcasts, as well as the freedom to think through projects without the pressure or complications of help, while I entertain Otis, keeping his voracious appetite for new experiences sated.

Otis & Widget patrol the field

It’s a good life.

We were happy to live it ourselves, but it’s even better to share it with a shiny new consciousness. And we’re grateful that you’re here eating the bounty we create with our lives.

Here’s to a a bountiful & beautiful season for us all!

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