The Week 11 CSA Newsletter

It was a good week. On Saturday we had our best farmer’s market ever, in terms of sales, which was pretty satisfying, especially since we’re without any WWOOFers helping us on the farm now – and looks like we might be without any for the rest of the season!

weeds are gong to seed, and first autumn colors showing up

Fortunately, we still can get by with a little help from our friends – and our family. Kristin’s folks come out and hang out with Otis every Saturday morning while we harvest and sell for the market, and every Tuesday while we harvest and pack your CSA boxes. Our friends Steffan, Darren, & Dedrick have often been showing up to help us with the biweekly harvests as well – and it looks like Marty, who spent two seasons with us a few years back, is going to come out to help soon too! We are constantly reminded of how lucky we are to have the network of support we exist within.

This week our time was spent in late summer/autumn mode: Kristin has been pickling and canning more, and I’ve been spending more time foraging things for her to preserve.

Fortunately, the foraging has been better than i thought it might be – although raspberries, choke cherries, plums and grapes are indeed not producing much, the blackberries and wild black cherries are booming. And it turns out Otis quite enjoys joining me on these forays into the woods around our homestead!

In & Along Side the Box

a Watermelon yours might be yellow, or might be red inside – either way, should be delicious!

Patterson Onions

Shishito & Bell Peppers Sautee your Shishitos!

Heirloom & Cherry Tomatoes

Brussels Sprouts Tops – to get a nice git harvest of Sprouts later this season, we cut off the (tasty & edible) tops of the plants, so they put energy into growing nice fat buds rather than additional height. Treat them like kale or any other sturdy green.

baby Brussels Sprouts, sprouting

Blue & Red Potatoes

a bag of Parsley & (Purple and Mammoth Italian) Basil

mean muggin’ & parsley posin’

Cucumber – starting to wind down for the season, but still puttin’ em out!

Zucchini – ooooh yeaaaah

Okra? – two random boxes got bags of okra this week … was it you?

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  1. It’s the first time I’ve ever seen purple potatoes. I tried them as my WOW potatoes and they turned out great. A bit more earthy flavored then other potatoes, but delicious nonetheless!
    I love the variety of veggies we get from you!!

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