snowbirds’ spring (2020 begins!)

Ten weeks in the south flowed by with liquid speed, leaving no time to feel homesick. But it still feels wonderful being home, re-rooting.

We got home yesterday afternoon, pleased to find the snow melted down to manageable depths, and our systems and structures mostly intact. Exceptions were minor; one woodpile partially toppled, a young apple tree critter-girdled, a snowmelt flood into the ice fishing shack/cabin, and invasive rodents busy all over.

But we didn’t need to clear the driveways or chop doors free from ice, the batteries that power us had successfully been kept from freezing, the generator and old Subaru started right up, before we’d left we’d been able to tame the chaos more than usual, and Otis was delighted to rediscover those toys we’d left behind.

The clouds have just darkened across the land here, but it’s still toasty down in Kristin’s greenhouses, and the wood stove up in here feels like kindness itself, with Otis napping happily in warmth from trees that lived their lives on this land alongside us.

… just like all the vegetables that we’ll be bringing to life for you to eat!

I just got back inside after repairing a break in the greenhouse water line; and now as I type this, Kristin is watering our first seeds of the season for their first time!

Welcome to another year of the Que Sehra Farm CSA’ we’re grateful for all of you that are eating with us this season!

We’re excited to grow for – and with – you this year.

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