pre-season rumblings

Well. Here we are – back for our 9th season as a CSA farm. Some of you have been with us for this entire time – and a handful of you are brand new. For the old hands, I apologize for the repetition of stuff you’re all-too aware of. For the new, I apologize for the absence of basic info that I neglect to provide. We don’t fancy ourselves professionals … we have learned a bit about how to grow and live in this off-grid little patch, but we both feel a certain revulsion to considering what we do as a “business,” and that does cause certain idiosyncrasies. Hopefully you enjoy them, for the most part.

So. For 18 weeks, we are going to pack you a box of whatever we have been able to grow that week, having made efforts to time and scale our production for maximum variety throughout the season. It’s tricky. We grow in a USDA Zone 3 pocket of land, which means the time in which we have to grow things that are not murdered by freezing temperatures is a narrow and fickle window. We have spent this spring nurturing thousands of tiny baby plants in our little wood-heated greenhouse, defending them against the onslaughts of voles, mice, chipmunks, chickens, wind, and freezing temperatures.

Last week the threat of freezing nights seemingly, finally, passed, and we have been frantically transferring those aforementioned baby plants out into the field to survive under the wide open sky. Soon, we will be packing the first of your eighteen boxes.

The initial boxes tend to be significantly lighter and sparser than the later installments. Although this is because of there are only so many things we can manifest this early in the season, it could just as well be to help you ease into a season of CSA abundance. Growing veggies is a skill, yes – but so is eating them.

We will do what we can to help, but you may falter, lose your bearings, your faith, your very ability to keep your head above the rising waters of unpredictable plentitudes the season’s vagaries may bestow upon us. Do not fall into despair, or wallow in guilt if you let a vegetable go uneaten. We are post-Catholic here in the cult of cabbages.


The CSA is starting soon. Here’s how it goes: every Tuesday, we harvest, wash, and pack your boxes. We also send out two emails: first, one letting you know what time you can expect your box to be ready for pickup at your designated location, and another with a link to the weekly newsletter, which explains what is in your box, along with smatterings of farm photos, ramblings, and tips.

The first CSA delivery will be on Tuesday, June 14th.

In the meantime, we are open to any and all questions, thoughts, photos of pets, or whatever you feel even a mild inclination to send our way. We are in this together, and communication is the core of any relationship.

Here are some pictures from the farm this spring, as we laid the foundation for the season to come:

Welcome back, welcome aboard, welcome to the 2022 Que Sehra CSA. We’re happy to be here with you!

Love, your farmers Gabe & Kristin

3 thoughts on “pre-season rumblings”

  1. Yay! So excited for another amazing season of goodness! For new members, I’m an “old hand” and also the host of the St Paul pickup. If there’s anything you need assistance with or have a looking for a new recipe or clever way to use something in the box, hit me up with a text! I’m happy to help! (Phone # is spaced out to confuse bots): 6 5 1 3 0 4 7 9 5 3

  2. Yahoooooo!!!! Old hand also! I am super excited for the new season’s goodness to begin! Yummy

  3. The tiny plants ~ watched over and guided ~ will magically produce beautiful, delicious, nutritious bounty….I am looking forward to every unpredictable week ~ “what will be will be”.
    Thank you Kristin and Gabe

    Thanks for including me in the cabbage cult.

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