CSA Week 1 News

Well,I thought we had a good plan – the baby would fall asleep in the van ride to deliver the boxes, and I’d be able to write the newsletter while we did the deliveries to the Cities.

Well, you can guess how that worked … Jasper opted for screaming over sleeping, and the newsletter was rather impeded.

the field this morning – lots of littles

So let’s just get this sent out and let the pictures do the talking – and if you scroll past them you’ll find a list of what that mysterious box was filled with.

Inside Box One

  • Salad Mix (Spinach , Red & Green lettuces, Bekana)
  • Radishes – use the greens to make a partial batch of pesto, or combine with the Lambs Quarter in a recipe perhaps.
  • Spring Onions – also have edible greens, mild and good in a salad – or in the pesto you might be making
  • Cilantro – cut this up for tacos. DO IT
  • Lamb’s Quarter aka Wild Spinach – eat the weeds! Delicious, nutritious, and a wild weed that comes on strong every spring. Here are some recipes to try, or just use it in place of spinach in any recipe. Better cooked than raw probably.
  • a Jar of Canned Goodness (either Carrot Cake Jam, Morning Cheer Marmalade, or Rhubarb Jam) – just made with ingredients we grew here … either fresh rhubarb or carrots we harvested last autumn, and have had stored in our root cellar throughout the winter.
  • Sunflower shoots – one of our favorite microgreens to eat at the farm; hopefully you love them too! Try them on just about everything, or just plain by the facefull.

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