rainy day one

Friday, February 7th
Green Flamingo Organics
Oak Hill, FL

home sweet home
home sweet home

It was nonstop rainy on our first day.


However, down here, unlike our previous two farms, it was harvest time and edible things were booming in the fields.


There were CSA shares and farmers markets to harvest for, so we got up at 7, got into our rain gear, ate breakfast, and got to work learning the ropes in the fields – where things were, how things were done, what the impossible-to-remember names of people were.

P1080873 P1080876  P1080882 P1080877


When work was done in the field, we fixed up our home a bit – moved two single beds together, rearranged some furniture, put a bunch of misc crap away, cleaned, etc. When this was done, the place really felt homey, and Cleo had her own bedroom and mattress (great for her and vital to us – we hadn’t slept all that well with her up in the bed with us back in Alabama!)

P1080896 P1080902

Then we wandered through the orange groves, trying fruit from each row, trying to decide which were our favorites. Oh, my god they were so good … I love oranges, but had never been so lucky as to be inside an orange grove with unlimited access to fresh from the tree, in season orange deliciousness.




P1080892 P1080894 P1080914

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