Week 10: of Onions & Truck Toppers

It was a lovely week, with a trip to our magic waterfall and swimming in the Saint Croix and some good rain that got here and some bad storms that missed us and lots of blackberry picking and lobster mushroom foraging.

On Thursday morning I woke up and opened my eyes and Kristin rolled over and said “we need a place to cure some onions.”

“OK. Some? How many is some? Dozens? Hundreds?”

<a moment of silence>


onions pulled & ready for curing

Oh boy! So I set to work brainstorming how to create a space for them; they would need shade, maximum ventilation, and protection from rain. We don’t have much indoor space here, so we’d have to build something!

For the base, I knew one of the big sturdy pallets (donated by an Action Squad fan) would probably work well. Once measurement revealed that it would fit perfectly beneath the truck topper that The Neighbors Marquardt had just given us, everything started to flow easily, and in a few hours, Marty and I built a sturdy shed with four 4×8′ chicken wire shelves.

Most of the onions fit inside this, and the rest went onto the screenporch of the Albatross in towers of scavenged bread trays.
A little more work with some dumpstered luggage fabric, and we had four drop-down sides to protect the curing onions during the rain forecasted for the evening.

And so, the Onions Shack joined our shantytown, as the sixth repurposed Truck Topper.

I repeatedly went outside over the course of the following days, just to admire it.

Some vegetables happened this week too, but that was on Kristin’s end and she is the driver and I’m the newsletterer so this is what you get. I suppose the boxes say all that needs to be said anyway, so let’s get to

Inside Box 10

  • Sweet Onions – eat them raw or caramelized!
  • Sweet Corn – eat it as soon as possible for maximum sweetness!
  • Broccoli – the spring broccoli plants have sprung back into action with these cooler temperatures, pushing out abundant tender side shoots.
  • Micro-greens (Radish, Cilantro, or Red Cabbage) – I have been trimming them with less stems this week, hopefully they’re even better now!
a rainbow of micro-greens growing in the Little Greenhouse
  • Slicing Cucumbers
  • a party of Tomatoes
  • Cherry Tomatoes
cherry tomatoes heading to the Farmer’s Market on Saturday
  • Zucchini
  • a Melon! (Lily, Sun Jewel, or a mystery melon that we lost track of the name of)
melons! clockwise from top: Lily, nameless mystery, & Sun Jewel


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