CSA 2015 in Review – 2016’s Coming

Wow, what a ride 2015 has been. It started off hard, to be honest – as I recall the first CSA newsletter was titled “Farming is War,” and it didn’t feel like any exaggeration to say so. Our early plantings were devoured by cutworms and voles so thoroughly that I sometimes wondered if our field had somehow been rendered infertile. The weeds were ferocious, and nothing seemed to work out as planned … we rolled with the punches and practiced the zen of saying – and really meaning – “que sera, sera (what will be, will be),” and finding the beauty in our efforts and the absurd humor in our struggles.

Then summer came on, and things got better – and stayed that way right up through the end. The weather was gorgeous, rain was generous, tomatoes and squash did better than ever before. The high tunnel rose up, our WWOOFers were wonderful, and today we’re brewing our first batch of beer with the hops we grew.


Best of all, we had our first event at the Farm – the potluck – and it was a truly lovely finale to the season – capping off the long lingering summer with an amazing last hurrah of 80 degree sunshine, perfectly timed for the celebration of all that was grown and accomplished throughout the year.

(Only downsides to the insanely warm October Sunday weather being swarming lady beetles and tourist traffic … que sera sera.)

I can hardly believe it’s time to start tearing down the field and preparing to head south – where we’ll be planning next year’s field, ordering seeds, and getting ready for another year of growing … hope you can join us again!

Stay tuned to the Facebook page and this website for updates from the field over the final weeks here, and from the road throughout the winter!

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