Week 7 of the Dog Park Trailer Park Farm CSA

This week was a game-changer.

But we can talk more about that later.

In other news, we finally started construction on a solar dehydrator, with which we hope to dry and thus preserve all manner of produce. We’re hoping the one we’re building will be well-suited for our climate of relatively weak sun and high humidity.

Marty & Rob building the dehydrator's solar collector
Marty & Rob building the dehydrator’s solar collector

We also were joined this week by a couple of new folks – Baxter the Woof and his humans, Lexi and Sean.  With the crew we have at hand, I think we’ll be able to cover our garden needs while also getting started on the concrete block business of building our root cellar, although we’ll wait until the dehydrator is finished to begin.

WWOOFers Rob, Lexi, & Sean
WWOOFers Rob, Lexi, & Sean

Box #7

  • a Tomato or few. The first of 2017! All are either ripe or close to it, including some green ones  – we have a few varieties this year that stay green even when ripe.
  • Early Jersey Wakefield Cabbage – the last of the cabbage for awhile! This will keep for up to two weeks in your crisper drawer if you’re just not ready now. A great cabbage for slaw or kraut!
  • Vita Verde Cauliflower or Gypsy Broccoli – yes that cauliflower is supposed to be green!
  • Bag o’ Beans – Purple, green, yellow wax
  • Jar o’ Flowers – We grew  bachelor buttons, and zinnias for the first time this year; the sunflowers just keep coming back everywhere on their own, and we let them grow anywhere they’re not too in the way. Also featuring wild prairie sage, anise hyssop, black-eyed susans, bee balm, and flea bane.  Artfully arranged by WWOOFer Sarah!
  • Zucchinis – Just a few smaller ones, but let us know if you like lots, because we have a whole lot of it on hand right now!
  • Cucumbers – Picklers or slicers! Slicers are longer and smoother, picklers are bumpier and shorter. Only the picklers pickle but they all sandwich and salad just delightfully.
  • Onions – We encourage you to also use the green onion tops!
  • Potatoes (Norland Red or Yukon) – the tater plants aren’t done yet,  but we harvested some surface spuds for the boxes, leaving the rest of the plants intact.
  • Dill – this would go great in a cucumber salad.

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