Week 3 CSA Newsletter

Well, we finally got some rain. Only a half of an inch, but it felt significant. Like we’d broken the drought, and now perhaps the floodgates will open up for us. Or at least give us an occasional trickle.

It helps that the crazy heat wave broke – sure, we’re still dry, but at least we’re not under the broiler all day as well.

So it feels good now, and looks hopeful ahead. That said, the parched and burning weather has definitely taken a toll. Even with lots of watering, the cool weather crops are suffering.

It’s frustrating and sometimes depressing but we know we’re doing the best we can, given our many limitations in this best-of-all-possible-worlds.

Hope you’re enjoying this beautiful weather, these utterly amazing moments of consciousness, and the following vegetables:

Inside Box 3

Salad Mix – (lettuce, arugula, tat soi, pea tips, bekana) – The salad row has not been a fan of this heat. We didn’t pick any to sell at the market his week, so there’d be more for you – but even then, it was barely enough even after we picked and re-picked anything that looked good. This week’s mix is going to taste a bit more bitter, as a result of the heat it grew in – if you don’t like the flavor, it is pretty easily countered with dressing or other additions.

RadishesFrench Breakfast & Cherry Bell

Marty washes your radishes

Basil Microgreens

Radish Microgreens

Green Onions



Purslane – this “weed” is popular in Mediterranean dishes. Here are some ideas if you don’t have a plan in place.

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  1. Dude…Keep up the strong work, brother. It’s always nice to visit your site and see you doing well. Don’t ever stop. Much love. I’m doing well too. Thank you, as always, for the incredible inspiration!
    –Gusano Loco

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