Week 6 CSA Newsletter

Summer time, summer time; some sum summer time.

A rain storm didn’t miss us! We got 3/4 of an inch – more than we’ve seen in one go since April or so. With that along with the temps in the 90s, the plants are grooving. Water is, indeed, life. We have been surfing it, too; living with minimal climate control forces one to adapt, and thrive in conditions we could easily find unpleasant .. we shift priorities, center on water. Vegetable wash water is hauled to the fruit bearing bushes and trees, the boys’ outdoor tub hydrocools the humans we raise much as we cool your field-heated veggies (in a different container, fear not). The irrigation runs for an hour a day, we set up camp in homemade shade around the kiddie pool, and upon the shores of the Saint Croix. We splash and submerge with friends and thrive like the crops, balancing the abundant riches of heat and sunlight with water.

Hmm. I closed my eyes to think of what to write next, and the smooth heavy warmth and the hummmmm of the fan and the breeze it creates conspired to lull me into sleep. Summer afternoons are made for afternoon naps aren’t they, maybe I’ll succumb. Widget is asleep next to me, and the baby in the back … yeah, it’s almost imperative I join them.

Appreciate the heat, enjoy the vegetables, and take an afternoon nap. Farmer’s orders.

Hey Kristin, what’s inside Box Six?

Peas – There aren’t a lot of recipe ideas out there for snap peas. The consensus is eat them raw, maybe with dip or hummus or saute them with some sauce or seasoning. Other options: blanch and freeze them for later consumption or turn them into a fridge pickle.

Zucchini – What can’t you do with this vegetable? I recently read someones description of how they dehydrated and ground them into flour. I also learned about the “zucchini slice” https://www.taste.com.au/recipes/zucchini-slice/eb7eed59-5f53-4f6f-bfb5-9b7e3f81a702

Or Shareholder Melissa’s bread recipe?

And zucchini tortillas?!?

(Disclaimer: I have not made these recipes and cannot vouch for them. I am merely opening your eyes to the possibilities.)


Patty Pan Squash

Cucumbers – slice for sandwiches and salads. It you want, turn the little guys into fridge pickles. https://www.onceuponachef.com/recipes/quick-and-easy-dill-pickles.html


Kale – Massaged kale salads are great. https://www.skinnytaste.com/kale-salad-with-quinoa-and-cranberries/

Or kale chips are always a favorite.

Radish microgreens – one of my favorite microgreens because of their spicy flavor and pleasant texture 

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